• Developing mobile
    apps from $300

    Pay fixed sum or subscriber fee
    Developing mobile apps from $300
    Pay fixed sum or subscriber fee
    Create great product with effective UX/UI design from the professionals in development at US/EU market. Boost your business results up to 500% by using digital tools.
    Create great product with effective UX/UI design from the professionals in development at US/EU market. Boost your business results up to 500% by using digital tools.

World at the fingertips

Endless possibilities in world of gadgets

Applications become the best way to get in touch with your clients. Desktop, tablets, smartphones – even watches become smart! Applications are especially effective with often-used and ordered goods and services, eg café, taxi, medical services, retail, delivery. And professional, useful, smart, convenient and effective application increases the chance of success.

Medical Institution
Water Delivery
Café & Restaurant
Taxi Service
Online Store
Educational Institution

About and Process

We help you to transform idea to successful product

Creating what you are dreaming for

Making world better with your ideas
Want to materialize your brilliant idea? Our team provides turn-key services in mobile application and web development. We have strong skills in creating exceptional UX/UI products and developing effective and demanded blockchain solutions. Our expertise in project management helps us work comprehensively with your project and transform your idea in something remarkable.

Backing your ideas and results

Your idea is enough for us to start. After the interview, we undertake deep market research to ensure how materialize your idea in a most effective way. We continue analyzing your client’s need while developing and check the entire hypothesis by A/B testing. That’s the only way we can create an outstanding product for you.





Community Knows

Everything you need. From one team.

The Relate App puts everything you watch in one place

Our Apps puts everything users need in one place Provide your clients smart connection with your business. We develop applications with smooth user flow, which increase user’s engagement. Our products work seamlessly across all of your client’s devices, so you can push the boundaries of your business. Share them your goods or services, send them reminders and push-notifications, offer promotions or create content. Be closer to your clients and develop your business!

Do you know that 38% users bounce from desktop or mobile application if the design or layout is unattractive? At the same time 59% clients more engaged with product if the design well and attractive. Design is crucially important – attract your clients!

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Statistic says that low loading speed steel 7% of your possible conversions. And another survey claims that 62% of businesses boost their sales when start using responsive mobile versions of their products with high level of usability.

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Moderation in all things. From the one side if you use a lot of elements your conversion can be dropped by 95%. But from the other side 46% of businesses exceeded their financial KPI’s if creativity is highly valued in the organization.

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Using non-unique content could lead to a loss of 38% of users, who stop engaging with your product when the content isn’t interesting. And custom content from your company liked by 82% of clients, make them feel positive and interested in your company after have a contact with your content.

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Our Testimonials

Take a look below to learn what our clients are saying about us:


"It`s convenient to use mobile app when dealing with patients. Easy to be available always and everywhere! By handling any issues promptly, the team proved their excellent project management and communication skills. I recommend everyone."
John Mayer, Doctor


"The app was successfully launched and fulfilled original expectations. The KapLink team was communicative and effective in completing the project. They were strong communicators—whenever I had an issue they were available."
William Blake, Cafe Manager


"We needed to create mobile app for taxi service. KapLink delivered a simple, fast app that’s versatile and functional. They were extremely smooth and efficient, requiring minimal oversight from our side. They were flexible enough to accommodate internal preferences."
Luis Fonsi, director of Taxi Service


"KapLink collaborated well and provided consistent communication. They developed mobile app for our online store. The app earned positive feedback and a 400% increase the number of users. It’s a pleasure to deal with. "
Carroll Smith, Online Store Manager

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